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  • The Heart of Europe to deliver the Middle East’s largest and most sustainable swimming pool as it prepares to open the French Riviera in Dubai  

The Heart of Europe to deliver the Middle East’s largest and most sustainable swimming pool as it prepares to open the French Riviera in Dubai  

March 30, 2021

  • Grand Azur is eight times larger than an Olympic swimming pool and will be the lifestyle hub linking a quartet of boutique hotels at the centre of the glamourous Côte d’Azur resort

  • Measuring 12,000 square metres, it will be the largest and the most sustainable pool in the Middle East and be part of Côte d’Azur Resort at the Heart of Europe leisure tourism destination

Press Release

Sustainability and Mediterranean lifestyle will define regional record-breaking swimming pool with ‘living’ lagoons mimicking beautiful French coastline while embracing four distinctive boutique hotels opposite the Dubai skyline.

Monaco will be first of Côte d’Azur’s luxury hotels to welcome visitors seeking French Riviera chic, sounds and flavours alongside Dubai’s largest private beach, vibrant festivals and even summer rainfall – all without stepping on a plane.

Dubai, UAE: Water is flowing into the largest and most sustainable swimming pool in the Middle East – the spectacular leisure attraction at the centre of a rainbow-inspired resort recreating the celebrated lifestyle of the French Riviera.

Grand Azur – which translates as ‘big blue’ – is set to be one of the most talked about elements of Côte d’Azur Resort within The Heart of Europe – the rapidly-evolving US$5 billion prime hospitality and second home destination amid The World islands, Dubai.

With a perimeter of more than 1km and containing a staggering 14,000 cubic meters of sustainably-desalinated water, the mega-pool is one of many Heart of Europe regional and international firsts.

Grand Azur is clever as well as big, however, utilising solar energy to illuminate, recycle, heat and cool the eco-friendly water that will relax and thrill guests.

As well as providing extensive opportunities to paddle, chill-out or burn off a few calories, the epic pool will form the watery heart of the Côte d’Azur Resort. At 12,000 sq.m (129,166.93 sq.f), Grand Azur includes four connected blue water lagoons, shaped as rolling waves, with a white edge that emulates the Mediterranean’s natural froth.

While Olympic-sized pools are 50m in length, Grand Azur is eight times larger, dwarfing every leisure pool in the Middle East and delivering a unique venue for hosting social and sporting events. It is also ideal for guests seeking to social distance. Water temperature will be maintained at 28° Celsius or 82.40° Fahrenheit courtesy of solar-powered pumps.

Grand Azur promises plentiful Instagram moments as its stunning layout is completed with lush rain forest landscapes comprising 100 exotic plant species, trendy floating sunbed cabanas and DJ pods, plus a vibrant pool bar – all of which are adjustable in that they can be relocated on demand to freshen up the Grand Azur look.

The pool can operate a ‘standard’ set-up for regular daily use, but can be ‘re-modelled’ for different seasons, such as providing peak summer shaded areas, and special events, including exclusive sets from top DJs and challenging water sports events.

Grand Azur lagoons link and weave between Côte d’Azur’s boutique hotels – each named after picturesque French Riviera hotspots Monaco, Nice, Cannes and St Tropez – to complete an unforgettable, chic waterfront lifestyle experience for all year round fun and relaxation.

Kleindienst Group, developer of the industry-leading sustainable Heart of Europe mega-project, confirms that distinctive facade painting and cladding of Côte d’Azur’s five-star hotels is complete and a plush fit-out is underway.

Monaco will set the tone when it welcomes guests during a ‘soft’ opening in June 2021 (subject to government Covid-19 restrictions). All four uniquely-located, upscale Côte d’Azur hotels are scheduled for an official public launch in October, in time for EXPO guests, adding 893 keys to the Dubai hospitality portfolio.

Kleindienst chairman Josef Kleindienst says Grand Azur will set new standards for future hotel swimming pool design.

“This incredible, epic pool is both innovative and sustainability-orientated, like everything else at The Heart of Europe, we have long been known for normalizing the unexpected and the future mega trends in the tourism industry. Grand Azur follows trend in that regard” he says.

“We have evolved a new way to build swimming pools, not from wall to wall with set areas, but an adjustable concept that is a world first.”

Josef Kleindienst adds: “From its unique shape and smart design features to the eco-friendly operation and flexibility it presents within our sophisticated Côte d’Azur resort…our competitors will be wondering why all hotel pools are not made this way.”

Graced with the striking blue of the South of France coastline, Grand Azur is the eighth largest pool in the world, occupying one and a half times the area of a football field and believed to be almost twice the size of the USA’s largest pool.

Robots and vacuums will clean the breath-taking facility, using a UV system to break down bacteria DNA while drastically reducing chlorine use. Energy-saving, low temperature desalination will remove salt from seawater specially filtered for micro plastics, all supported by solar power while underlining the destination’s zero discharge policy.

Part of a 15-hotel portfolio of upscale hotels within The Heart of Europe’s six island offering, Côte d’Azur’sopen sea view and lagoon-view suites options range from 485 sq.ft to 678 sq.ft (45 sq.m to 63 sq.m). The total plot covers94,022 sq.m.

Côte d’Azur guests will be able to select from eight food and beverage venues, including a classic French bistro, Mediterranean restaurant, champagne and piano bar, La Boulangerie all-day dining, a pool and beach club/lounge and a French Riviera influenced café.

State-of-the-art gyms will complement prime spa facilities, complete with snow room,  offering signature treatments with authentic rituals from the French Riviera, based on aromatherapy to promote health and well being.

Guests can enjoy direct access to pools, a 400m sunset beach – and even have an opportunity to experience Dubai’s pearl diving heritage with curated dives to Heart of Europe-cultivated oyster beds.

Côte d’Azur Resort will recreate the sights, sounds and spirit of its French Riviera namesake, but within 4km of Dubai’s shoreline – drawing tourists and second home owners, as well as UAE citizens and residents seeking to ‘travel’ without boarding a plane.

For added authenticity, visitors will be able to live by the time of the clocks back in Europe, converse in French with hotel staff and spend Euros on inimitable European hospitality, all wrapped in reliable UAE sunshine.

The Mediterranean architectural style of the hotels takes its cue from a rainbow, while the soon-to-be famous Rainy Street will directly mimic nature by showering on demand, bringing cooling relief to guests during hotter days.

This sustainably-delivered innovation will delight families, as will a nearby snow plaza, as they sample great beverages, irresistible ice cream and Provencal culinary favourites that will add to the ambiance alongside a modern marina populated by luxury yachts. 

This memorable Mediterranean-style experience extends to the longest private beach in Dubai. Exclusively accessible to hotel guests and the resort’s investors, the 700m Rainbow Beach will fringe the gentle ebb of the Arabian Gulf, the eye-catching Portofino family hotel and Spanish-themed Marbella Hotel, as well as Côte d’Azur Resort.

Kleindienst Group Chairman Josef Kleindienst is excited to be announcing more milestones on The Heart of Europe’s impressive journey to completion.“We have taken some of Europe’s most dynamic, prestigious and appealing destinations as inspiration and the cultural template for our entire destination project – and Côte d’Azur will be a stunning realisation of that vision,” he says.

“For both guests who have witnessed the French Riviera on a previous trip, or those wishing to experience the smells, tastes, sounds and vibrancy of these famous South of France port cities for the first time, our resort will be a place to behold and to savour.”

Mr Kleindienst adds: “We are coming thrillingly close to delivering a destination that once might have been the stuff of dreams, but is soon to be revealed as a stylish and carefully curated reality – accessible to everybody, all year round.”

The 15 innovative prime hotels and resorts that will put The Heart of Europe on the global tourism wish-list, include more than 4,000 hospitality units. These will accommodate regional and international tourists who will be able to indulge a calendar of European-themed festivals, organic, authentic cuisine and numerous other cultural treats.

Innovation and sustainability remain at the core of the experiential destination within The World islands, itself branded the planet’s most sustainable project. The Heart of Europe is nurturing more than 500,000 sq.m of coral reefs and deploying sustainable landscaping free of pesticide and fungicide, and nourished with recycled water. Resorts will remain car free, use clean energy and operate sustainable water transportation.

Zero-discharge and zero micro-plastics policies permeate all aspects of the destination, ensuring protection of the Arabian Gulf and marine life species that will share a home with guests and investors.

Contactless technology will feature in destination hotels, for a hassle-free experience utilising a fully integrated hospitality app.

Mr Kleindienst adds: “It is fair to say that our resort will combine the best of several worlds – an irresistible location for play and relaxation that matches modern convenience with the time-honoured charms of European coastal favourite.

“I cannot wait to bring the rest of the world here to experience the exceptional and innovative world that we are creating, just off the shoreline of Dubai.”


Editors’ Notes

The Heart of Europe beats green

Only 4km from the Dubai mainland, visitors and guests will access The Heart of Europe via sustainably-operated ferry, water taxi, sail boat, seaplane or helicopter, as well as a frequent shuttle service with assigned pick-up points. Club cars, boats and abra will provide island accessibility, alongside clearly sign-posted walking routes.

The Heart of Europe is a sustainable island destination in Dubai comprising of 7 islands, highly differentiated 15 hotels and resorts, 4,000 holiday homes, boutique hotel suites, in addition to the iconic Floating Seahorse Villas, white sandy beaches, lush landscapes, mesmerising seascapes and views of the Dubai skyline, and the word’s first climate controlled rainy street and snow plaza as well as rare and authentic entertainment options, in Maldives-like settings.

Sustainability and the protection of marine life have been pivotal in the development of the Heart of Europe. The project is home to the Coral Institute which spearheads a pioneering coral reef programme that aims at developing marine life in the surrounding waters.

The Heart of Europe also has a zero-discharge policy and zero micro-plastics policy to ensure the protection of the Arabian Gulf and species of marine life that reside around the seven islands. Other sustainable initiatives include clean energy powered by solar panels and hydro fuels, pesticide and fungicide free landscaping, car free environment, recycling of waters to irrigate the gardens and the use of organic food in the hotels.

The Heart of Europe is committed to deliver exceptional experiential journeys through innovative services, events, entertainment, design and technology.

Phase I of the project incorporates five key projects in a Maldives-style setting, including Sweden Island’s multi-level Beach Palace mansions and Bauhaus-inspired waterfront villas on Germany Island. Honeymoon Island is home to the revolutionary Floating Seahorse villas and Portofino family hotel, while Marbella Hotel and the Côte d’Azur resort are on Main Europe island, largest of The Heart of Europe’s six islands.

About Kleindienst Group

The Kleindienst Group is committed to pushing the established boundaries by pioneering new concepts in real estate and hospitality to deliver authentic, ethical and enriching experiences.

Established more than 30 years ago in Austria and Hungary, and present in Dubai since 2003, The Kleindienst Group is the largest European real estate company in Dubai with more than 1,200 employees over its diverse portfolio of businesses which include property development, construction, hospitality, property brokerage, and corporate business centres.

The Heart of Europe is the flagship masterplan of the developer in Dubai, in The World islands, 4km from the Dubai coastline. Kleindienst is the only developer with backward integration capabilities from design to construction in the Middle East. This business model enables it to build and deliver according to the vision in the most innovative environments, while also offering a lifetime warranty.