• A contemporary monthly real estate publication of record
Price per issue: Dh10
Subscription: Dh120 per year
Distribution: Through Gulf News to its subscribers; Emirates Business Class Lounge and selected outlets
  • Readership

The region’s real estate community is getting bigger and better. Currently, there are more than 15,000 professionals serving the GCC’s real estate sector including 10,000 in the UAE – all of whom are Gulf Property’s potential readers.

Besides, more than 100,000 families have already moved to their freehold homes in Dubai and a large number are expected to move in to their dream homes over the next five years – all of whom would be Gulf Property’s readers.

Apart from that, there are thousands of homebuyers and would be buyers as well as investors who will eventually be its subscribers.

Gulf Property is targeted to three tiers of readers. They are:

  • 1Industry leaders
  • 2Real Estate and Construction professionals
  • 3Mass readers, retail and institutional investors, homebuyers

While initially, the magazine focuses on the industry leaders – including developers, contractors, suppliers, manufacturers and brokers – it will later shift to a mass-circulated publication for the entire industry.

Gulf Property currently has a print run of 20,000. The initial readership mix would be as follows:

Readership Percent
Industry leaders 20
Industry professionals 30
Mass readers 50

The magazine is currently available in a number of selected newspaper and magazine stands, retail outlets, books and stationary shops, gasoline stations, duty free outlets. It will be distributed throughout the GCC.

  • Advertisement Rates
Rate [US$/Dh]
Six Insertions
Rate [US$/Dh]
12 Insertions
Rate [US$/Dh]
Outside Back Cover H:27.5XW:20.5 6,000/22,000 30,000/110,000 60,000/220,000
Gatefold H:27.5XW:40 8,000/30,000 40,000/150,000 80,000/300,000
Inside Front Cover H:27.5XW:20.5 4,000/15,000 20,000/75,000 40,000/150,000
Inside Back Cover H:27.5XW:20.5 4,000/11,000 15,000/55,000 30,000/110,000
Double Spread H:27.5XW:20.5 5,000/18,000 25,000/91,000 50,000/183,000
Full Page H:27.5XW:20.5 4,000/11,000 15,000/55,000 30,000/110,000
Half Page H:13.5XW:20.5 2,000/7,500 10,000/37,500 15,000/55,000
Special Coverage 12-Pages 20,000/75,000 One-Off One-Off
  • A contemporary monthly real estate publication of record
Kindly note:
  • 1All pages are of full-colour glossy paper
  • 2Artworks should be emailed or provided in CD/USB with colour print-outs
  • 3Materials deadlines to be strictly adhered to
  • 4Rates for annual bookings are subject to availability and negotiation


No Description Rate in US$ Rate in AED
1 Section Sponsorship (Annual) 20,000 75,000
Special Report/Supplement

Special Reports and supplements on mega projects, country reports, sectoral reports and to celebrate corporate milestones/anniversaries of major corporations/players To be attached/added to each copies of the main magazine

No Description Rate [US$] Rate [AED]
1 A 12-page Corporate Supplement (Insert) 20,000 75,000
2 A 20-page supplement (Insert) 30,000 110,000
3 A 40-page A-4 book(Detached) 40,000 150,000

All rates are per issue (Once a year)

Online Sponsorship

Online Sponsorship for www.gulfpropertyme.com
Gulf Property has a dynamic website that helps advertisers and the real estate developer community to reach a worldwide audience.

No Description Rate [US$] Rate [AED]
1 Section sponsor (Per month) 7,000 25,00
2 Section sponsor (Per year) 70,000 250,000

The rates are tentative and subject to change.

For all inquiries, kindly contact:

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