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  • AAA Associates becomes the first Gulf-based immigration advisory to open an office in the Caribbean

AAA Associates becomes the first Gulf-based immigration advisory to open an office in the Caribbean

July 17, 2019

Dubai-based AAA Associates immigration advisory has expanded its operation in the Caribbean region by opening an office in Dominica that will help the company serve its growing immigration clientele better and offer greater services till they obtain a their second passport. 

AAA Associates is the first Middle Eastern based immigration consultancy to open an office in the Caribbean region and marks a new phase in the company’s business.
The move comes due to a strong growth in the number of customers seeking second passport from the Caribbean countries that allows passport holders of the Caribbean countries visa-free travel to more than 125 countries in the world.
More than 5,000 people avail 2nd passport through Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme a year, according to Investment Migration Council (IMC). CBI has become a US$3 billion global industry as more and more immigrants are pursuing second citizenship to avail visa-free travel to as many countries as the new passport allows – amid growing security concerns and travel restriction worldwide.
As more and more affluent middle income families from South Asia, Middle East and Africa pursue business and leisure travel, the hassles of obtaining visa and security checks hamper their travel plan. Globally, a combination of travel restrictions, economic affluence and other issues are encouraging families to obtain second passport and their numbers are growing.
“We will now be able to serve our customer both at the consultation and application submission level here in the UAE, GCC and Asian regional markets as well as following up of the application at the intended country of immigration till the visa/passport is issued, enabling us to offer end-to-end customer service,” Imran Farooq, Chief Executive Officer of AAA Associates, said.
“The move elevates our position and allows us to offer complete immigration services to clients while they wait anxiously for the new passport, eliminating any doubts and ambiguity on our services and the waiting period of the issuance of the new passport.”
The office has been set up in Dominica, which will work closely with the governments of the Caribbean region to fast-track the issuance of passports.
AAA Associates is a Regulated Immigration Adviser (RIA) and Authorised Representative (AR) by the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Unit of Commonwealth of Dominica. AAA Associates immigration advisory is part of Samana Group of Companies, the oldest and largest immigration company in the Middle East.
Middle East applicants who including Syrians, Yemenis, Bahrainis, Omanis, Kuwaitis, Moroccans, Indians, Pakistanis, Iranians, Iraqis, Egyptians and Afghanis are the contributors of whopping 51 per cent increase in demand for Caribbean citizenship in 2017-18.